AIR GUITAR BELGIUM goes into partnership with JÄGERMEISTER to break the World's record for the largest Air Guitar ensemble playing together. You want to be part of this great adventure ? So register below and come and join us at the JÄGERMEISTER stand, as soon as the festival will be opened.

The first 3000 persons to be registered will get the posibility to buy a wonderfull T-Shirt designed for the event at the price of 1 euro only. The benefits from the sales will be donated to « Music for Life » by Studio Brussel. Notice that registration is free but that there is a charge for admission.

The attempt will be planned in the evening of April 23rd, just before the festival headline No doubt that at this time of night, you'll be numerous people to strap your air guitar and to pick your air strings during 60 seconds in order to beat, altogether, the current record for 1883 participants which is held by Australia. Thus, you'll give Belgium, the image of a united, open and mobilized country.

  1. I choose to pay 1 euro to get the event T-Shirt
    I choose not to pay 1 euro and won't receive the event T-Shirt